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Conjuring creativity and community since 2009

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The Midnite Collective seeks to inspire, nurture, and organize the community of dark arts and craft to endarken mankind both locally and abroad. Through the curation of live events, production of physical goods, inclusion of like-minded representatives, and other nefarious activities foreboding other endeavors will create and sustain a platform to fulfill this mission while maintaining a welcoming, encouraging environment to experience and enjoy for oneself within a unified body of people.

Live Ceremonies

In order to develop and engage local community, Midnite Collective hosts a number of select events for auditory, visual and overall sensory worship through live music, artwork exhibitions, craft markets and other physical, interactive activities. Simultaneously, it is of utmost importance to create a welcoming and safe space to gather around an amplified altar in order for creatives to display their interpretations of the dark within a chapel of open-minded, appreciative and respectful congregation.

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Live Ceremonies


Converging each November, Midnite hosts a grand ceremony to celebrate the annual harvest of dark arts, craft and music in worship and tribute. A curated selection of visual artists, live performers, and artisan craft-workers gather in conducted display for an intimate congregation somewhere in Long Beach, CA.



Approached in similar practices as alchemy, our concoctions are crafted through the purification, maturation and perfection of multiple base objects that come together to form one noble release. Crafting quality audio on cassette tape, vinyl record and compact disc, these various formats are adorned with artisan packaging.

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